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Is Too Much Compliance a Security Threat?

Businesses focus a lot of resources, investment and time on Cyber Security "Compliance".  It is no doubt an important piece of the puzzle.  They hire resources and develop internal processes, but could they be creating risk by following this traditional approach?  The answer is maybe.   If organizations are not investing in modern and intelligent cyber-security solutions which utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence in combination with compliance practices, they could be placing themselves in a position of risk.  Why?

If businesses do not have visibility into their environment and truly understand what potential breaches are already present, they are merely waiting for the inevitable to occur.  They are in a defensive position rather than an informed position.   Compliance on its own will not build an intelligent view of the environment, weakness or behavior.  Once the utilization of intelligent and automated solutions are adopted, companies achieve high resolution visibility which then leads to pattern recognition, trends and clues.  We move from being a compliance focused organization to an investigative operation. 


Compliance without modern and intelligent cyber-security tools is far less effective and could be limiting your investigative capabilities.   Compliance is a necessary task and it must be met, but you also need to review the video tape to see what is actually happening on the field.   If you do not truly understand what is currently happening in your environment, how do you know that you are secure not just compliant?  You don’t.


 The combination of a modern, intelligent security solutions facilitating compliance is the most effective approach in the implementation of a security practice for toady’s digital world.


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