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    ADRS has been in the data storage business since its founding in 2005. In fact, our founder, Craig Short, has been in the data storage and protection business since the days of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

    Today ADRS offers solutions ranging from simple single tier systems to ultra-high performance, multi-tiered and ultra-dense solutions for supercomputing.

Whether you’re looking for solutions for general purpose storage, big data, cloud or anything in between, ADRS has the technology and know how to make it happen.


  Managed Data Storage Solutions


-Ensures your data is available anywhere at any time and can be accessed on desktops, laptops, or even mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


-Perfect for dynamic businesses or those with a widely distributed workforce that needs to access their data from multiple locations in a variety of time zones.


-Managed cloud storage reduces capital expenditures by hosting your data on distributed resources that are highly scalable and fault tolerant.

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