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     Optimizing your server infrastructure to run your business smoothly.


    In 2001, VMware started a revolution. By virtualizing x86 servers, they changed IT service delivery. However, much of the infrastructure in the data center has not kept up. Converged infrastructures address the cost and complexity of traditional three-tier solutions and are one of the fastest growing segments in the $107B IT system market.

ADRS can help your organization make the ideal choice for your data center consolidation project. Cost reductions of up to 70% can be achieved using the appropriate converged infrastructure. Clients can also expect to achieve greater business flexibility and reduced deployment times due to management simplification and an overall reduction in the number of moving parts in their environment.

ADRS delivers the agility, simplicity, performance, and cost effective solutions that are the centerpiece of the modern data center.



Replace costly SAN / NAS with simple hyperconverged infrastructure

100% Software-defined storage solution

Compatible with any hardware platform

Cost Reduction

10x storage capacity

Save 90% on infrastructure costs

Eliminate expensive SAN / NAS and modernize your data center

Reduce data center footprint with less hardware to cool, power, maintain


Deliver all-flash performance and extend the life of existing disks

Increase IOPS for any type of physical storage

Increase desktop and application performance

High performance deduplicated cloning & replication


Scale linearly and easily

Enterprise data protection across all nodes

Supports mismatched server platforms and disk configurations

Benefits of Choosing ADRS

Single point of contact. 

Guaranteed response time.

24-7-365 monitoring of critical systems. 

Patch updates.

Remote support for issue resolution. 

Reporting for capacity planning.

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