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Infinidat Named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage Arrays


99.99999% Up-Time Guarranteed

De-Risk Your Infrastructure

Market conditions are changing fast bringing new risks and challenges for IT leaders. Infinidat’s flexible storage solutions help IT organizations embrace uncertainty, minimize exposure, and keep their businesses agile so they can overcome the challenges of the day.

Full-Range Portfolio

The Infinidat portfolio covers a full range of robust storage and data protection capabilities, easily leveraged to address the biggest data management and data protection challenges for private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures. Primary storage, cloud storage, business continuity, and disaster recovery are all supported by Infinidat solutions.

Business Continuity

As data has become the lifeblood of business today, protecting that data is the most important task IT has in the data center today. Download our white paper to learn how Infinidat’s innovative storage software architecture, exploiting patented Trie technology, provides practically unlimited, space-efficient and incredibly fast snapshot capability for quick operational recoveries.

Enterprise Storage

Infinidat’s enterprise storage solutions offer the reliability, performance, and flexibility necessary to support today’s data-intensive digital enterprises. High performance, 100% availability, and flexible options for scaling are all part of the Infinidat portfolio.

Big Data

Big data, done well, requires big storage —- petabytes are the new terabytes. This shift in scale changes the way that storage systems are evaluated for performance, availability, and cost. Sacrificing one requirement for another is no longer a viable strategy, as the scope of data-intensive applications continues to increase and accelerate. Infinidat storage solutions enable our customers to “scale to win”, supporting a broad range of analytic applications (Splunk, Elk, Elastic) and datasets (IoT, time series, machine-generated, etc.).


Consolidate multiple systems easily and cost-effectively with InfiniBox. Choose from F6000, F4000, or F2000 series InfiniBox based on capacity and performance needs. Systems are packaged in a single 42U rack and can scale from 230TB to well over 8PB or more of effective capacity.


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