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Exclusive Services

Thank you for viewing this page. We are looking forward to speaking with you and learning which solution might work best for you and your business. Building reliable, bulletproof infrastructure is our primary goal at Advanced Data Recovery Systems.

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Enterprise Storage Solutions (7-9's Availability)

Downtime is inconvenient and can lead to downstream effects on the rest of your business and customers. With 7-9's of availability, this would not be an issue.


Security Operations Center As a Service

Gone are the days of employing a large team of analysts, security specialists, and Security Operations Center (SOC) in-house costs. With the capability of offering a SOC as a service, not only does each of our customers see a marginal decrease in cost, but also an impressive decrease in malicious attacks. Through our partners, we can achieve a solution 7x less expensive than DIY and with 411% ROI.


Unbreakable Backup Guaranteed

The number 1 solution to ransomware. If your storage were to ever become corrupt, the importance of a reliable backup is paramount. Nowadays, attackers are finding ways to corrupt even the "backup's backup." Our partners have never lost a single file in over 15 years, not one... Through extensive security, biometric authentication and identification we are able to guarantee the safety of your data, large or small.

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